Interior Decor & Design of whole House

Interior Decor & Design of whole House

We believe that it’s important for one room to flow into another when we look at the whole house together.

At Vishok, we create a home that suits your style, and spaces that blend seamlessly together.

We start with figuring out a theme that would keep the look cohesive for all rooms. A great amount of effort is put in maintaining a balance of the 7 elements of design elements namely – space, line, form, light, color, texture and pattern.

In addition, the classic 60-30-10 Rule is factored in.

Our Three Step Process +

With our experience, over the years we realized that a simple process works best for our clients, giving them the best complete overall result. We follow a simple three-step process, which allows our clients to sit back over the course of their project and trust our team to execute, while still maintaining approvals on overall budget and style. After an introductory call to get to know you and your project, we will schedule appointment for the consultation phase.

STEP 1: Consultation Phase +

This phase sets the tone for design. Topics covered during consultation often include the project's scope and the homeowners' vision for their home. For us, it is an opportunity to showcase previous relevant work, share business practices and discuss pricing and fee structure. By the end of our consultation phase, we establish a clear vision of the client’s style, how they ‘do’ life, and we then personalize the design process with the best end-result in mind. In addition, we establish a full budget and timeline, allowing our clients the trust to sit back and enjoy the process.

In this stage we:
• Provide a design process overview.
• Review your space and its potential.
• Review and discuss your lifestyle-needs and help you understand your style preferences.
• Examine the inventory of existing furniture and pieces that can be repurposed.
• Execute any site measurement, if required.
• Present vision boards and themes suitable for your space based on the intake either in a second meeting or via emails.

STEP 2: The Design Phase +

During this phase, our clients give us the freedom to design within their budget and translate the findings from our intake process into a full design from start to finish. Our client’s personalized design is being made, ordered, and delivered to the project location over the coming months. This is the phase when our clients see the vision beginning to take shape.


This segment, lasting several weeks will majorly involve: 
• Our team will be sending recommendations for each product to the client, that will be utilized in that space based on the theme and budget. Products include –
◦ Window Treatments
◦ Upholstered Furniture
◦ Floor Coverings
◦ Bedding
◦ Closet and Storage Solutions
◦ Accessories
◦ Wall Coverings
◦ Fine Furniture
◦ Lighting
• Revisions on any product recommendations, if required by the client.
• Finalization of the best suited recommendations by the client for each product, followed by placing order for the same.

STEP 3: The Execution and Installation +

This is the life changing phase! After approval of design by the client, which is within the established budget, we turn your vision into a reality. Our installation process allows you to enjoy while we set up your magazine-worthy space, complete with all the little details that make your life better and more beautiful. This is it! The grand finale — the moment we are always waiting for!

Expect to feel all the feels. You might have a wide range of emotional responses, from utter joy to the possibility that you may be uncomfortable — initially.
The brain settles in that time, let go of the idea of what used to be there, and opens up to the newness. The old is comfortable, comforting. But if you wanted to stay in that place, you would not have hired a designer. In the end, we designers are creating beauty and magic, just for you.

We see what often homeowners cannot – the possibilities, the promise, the potential and of course, the pitfalls. Building new, remodeling or simply furnishing and creating a comfortable home. It is what we do !